The bust of the renown sportsman, Gerald Claude Eugene Foster (G.C. Foster) was unveiled on the college compound on November 21, 2012. The bust was a project of the 2011/2012 Students Council Body led by Kemar Gayle, the past President of the Student Council body. The ceremony served as a reminder of the assiduous work done by this great man. The Hon. Mike Fennell gave a tribute to the great sporting extraordinaire. The family of Gerald Claude was present to share in the memorable experience, as Dian Shaw, the granddaughter of G.C. shared memories of her own. 
He was remembered as an excellent motivator, a great masseur and a splendid coach. G.C. Foster impacted many lives, which include Arthur Wint, Michael Manley, Herb McKenley, and a Myriad of other athletes in that time.
Members of the 2011/2012 Council were also honoured and congratulated for their hard work during their tenure.