The G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport has forged a partnership with the Jamaica Cricket Association for the training of Cricketers, coaches and other officials. This move joins a cadre of other partnerships that the college has formed with other national sporting associations for the development of sports in Jamaica.
Mr. Edward Shakes, Principal of the College indicated that the partnership brings credibility to the programme at the college, with it being Jamaica’s sporting college. He spoke to the many opportunities for other cricketers to get trained as coaches or for other sports and recreation occupations.  He also invited other cricketers who have not completed their programme to come and take advantage of various flexible programmes which are available and get the opportunity to play and study.  
Mr. Lyndel Wright, President of Jamaica Cricket Association lauded the move and encouraged cricketers to use the opportunity not only to develop their cricketing skills, but also their intellectual capacity.
As a part of the understanding, cricketers who do not have certain matriculation requirements for various programmes may be a part of the Continuing Education Programme to get the requisite qualification for their desired programmes.