In an effort to promote cycling in Jamaica, the Jamaica Cycling Federation has embarked on a programme called: “Let’s Ride.”  This programme is funded by The Jamaica Olympic Association and it is in collaboration with Cycling Australia. Level 3 cycling Australian Coach and Olympian, Donna Rae-Szalinski along with members of the Jamaica Cycling Federation visited G.C. Foster College on Friday February 22, 2019 to do a presentation on cycling. Rae-Szalinski gave an overview of the sport and some of the benefits that can be garnered from their involvement in the sport.

Present was also Joylene Griffiths, President of the Jamaica Cycling Federation, who stated that the overall aim of the visit was to introduce cycling to students and to motivate them to look at the sport as possible career options in cycling and in coaching.

Griffiths alluded to some of the plans of the federation, one of which is to develop the sport in schools across Jamaica. This will be done by forming cycling clubs within the schools, which will allow the national federation to better support them as an organized and structured body. Carlton Simmonds, the Youth Development Director /Coach was also present to address some of the questions and concerns that the students had.


By: Andre Gayle - Staff Reporter