Madam Principal
GC Foster College,

Greetings from your Webster Church family.

I use this medium on behalf of our 75th Anniversary Committee and more specifically, our Harvest Committee, to express our sincere appreciation to you and the College for allowing your students to participate in our Treats Day on Tuesday, September  27, 2016.

It was a joy to have this cohort of students rendering the Upper Body Massages to the 'clients'.  They carried out  their function in a most cordial and engaging manner. My personal observation revealed that many went beyond what was expected of them.  They also took an interest in the other services being rendered around them, which indicated their willingness to learn new areas and methods.

A wonderful and caring set of students and it is my prayer that they will be successful if their respective endeavours.

Again a very big thank you from the Minister and members of the entire congregation (of which you are an active member).

Every blessing,  Jackie Hinkson
Coordinator for the Day's Event.